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  • Long before the chants of #MakeInIndia were popularized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • There are lots & lots of Indian brands which are just useful for our daily needs.
  • So far, Some Indian Brands were already making products that were truly Indian.
  • Firstly, Be it the ubiquitous Rickshaw that has come to symbolise the country.
  • Similarly, Indian namkeen that can be bought in supermarkets in France.
  • These companies have given us products that define India.
  • Instead of taking a western idea and selling it in India, they have embraced an Indian product.
  • Leveraged its ethnicity to build it into an iconic Indian brands.
  • On India’s 70th Independence day, we highlight 13 Indian brands that are proudly made in India, for India, and beyond.

1. Paperboat

Hector beverages, Paperboat
  • They saw your Pepsis and Coca Colas and raised you their Aam Pannas and Jal Jeeras.
  • If there’s one Indian startup that has brought us a truly Indian product so far.
  • For our generation to get in touch with our roots, it’s the Bengaluru-based Hector Beverages.
  • Firstly With ready-to-drink beverages` in Indian flavours like Aam Panna, Jal Jeera, Sherbat and Kala Khatta packaged in attractive, quirky containers.
  • Supported by nostalgia inducing branding campaigns, Paperboat has established itself as an enduring Indian brand to watch out for.
  • The company isn’t only popular in India, but also sold in Dubai, Malaysia, UK and the US.

2. Patanjali

 Patanjali Products Tipsmonk
  • Patanjali was started by a man who probably symbolised India’s biggest gift to the world – yoga –
  • So it’s a bit of a given that the brand stands for all things Indian.
  • Started in a humble facility in Uttarakhand.
  • Today this FMCG brand spans across more than 400 products and the company is worth Rs. 3000 crores.
  • Patanjali’s “atta noodles” came to light when the Swiss company Nestle was facing legal hassles to continue in India.
  • Baba Ramdev continues to be the face and brand ambassador of this homegrown phenomenon.

3. Haldirams

  • Long before the age of Cadbury’s and Lays, a sweetmaker.
  • Confectioner set up a savouries store in 1937 in Bikaner.
  • Today so far, this humble confectioner from Rajasthan is one of the biggest brands of sweets.
  • Savories not only within India, but sells like hot cakes in multiple countries.
  • As a testimony to its global appeal, every Haldiram packet contains product information in multiple languages

4. FabIndia

  • Fabindia’s history is worth a story by itself.
  • Founded in 1960 by John Bissell to market the diverse craft traditions of India.
  • So far, Today FabIndia has established itself as a popular Indian brand.
  • With stores across India
  • Firstly, the chain is famous for promoting handlooms.
  • Secondly, Various native fabric arts like silks, Indigo, Khadi, Kalamkari, and other indigenous crafts.
  • The brand has also expanded into furniture, ready to eat food.
  • Similarly,Cosmetics that claim to contain natively grown ingredients without any harmful chemicals.
  • Fabindia is not only big in India, but has stores across the world including Italy and the USA.

5. Daawat Basmati Rice

Indian Brands
  • Rice may be the staple dish in India, but for millions of Indians abroad.
  • Otherwise, it’s this brand that comes to the rescue when looking for the perfect basmati rice cook at home.
  • Started in 1993.
  • Daawat basmati rice isn’t just one of the premium rice brands in India, but today it’s sold around the world.
  • So far, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bacchhan as its brand ambassador.
  • The Daawat packets stacked at supermarket shelves in over 50 countries.
  • Provide about of nostalgic pride to the Indian origin shoppers.

6. Chumbak

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.44.14 PM

  • Similarly, meaning “magnet”, Chumbak started in 2010 to sell Indian-themed souvenirs, predominantly fridge magnets and keychains.
  • Today Chumbak sells more than a 100 products across souvenirs, home furnishings, decor, and fashion.
  • But through its momentous growth and success, Chumbak still retains a funky Indian theme on each product.
  • Following are some of its recurring motifs include the elephant, owls, paisleys, and the Autorikshaws.
  • Apart from shipping internationally, Chumbak has set up kiosks in malls and airports in Japan, Dubai and Malaysia.

7. Bajaj Autos

Indian Brands
  • Speaking of auto rickshaws, there’s one company that’s older than the autorickshaws in India, it’s Bajaj auto.
  • Before fancy Enfields and Vespas were vehicles de jour in India.
  • A humble scooter was a regular fixture in every middle class Indian household.
  • But the company also manufactured the Auto-Rickshaw.
  • The ubiquitous three wheeler that’s come to be the symbol of India and its roads.
  • Similarly, Bajaj has manufactured over 4 million autorickshaws and is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of three-wheelers today.

8. Taj Hotels

  • The first Taj hotel opened in Bombay in 1905, a whole 42 years before Indian gained independence.
  • While the Mariotts and Hiltons have entered the country and established their presence.
  • The Taj hotels chain retains the intrinsic Indianness in all their hotels and embody the famous Indian hospitality.
  • A whole host of Indian palaces and royal houses have been refurbished by the Taj group as luxury hotels.
  • Thus retaining the Indian heritage and offering the travelers a peek into Indian opulence from the past.
  • Some of the Taj properties outside India are counted amongst the world’s best hotels.

9. MTR foods

  • Before Indians knew what Instant Noodles were,
    • MTR introduced its instant range of fast food.
  • Including the famous Rava idli, dosa batters and Chutneys in the early 1990s.
  • While the original MTR still operates a cult dosa joint in Bangalore even today.
  • The company’s expanded into producing a range of ready-to-eat snacks and foods.
  • No Indian foodie’s luggage when traveling abroad is complete without one of MTR’s ready-to-eat food packets today.

10. Craftsvilla

Indian Brands
  • This ecommerce marketplace may not be as famous as a Flipkarts or a Snapdeals.
  • But what makes Craftsvilla stand out is its commitment to selling and promoting native Indian Brands and handicrafts.  
  • Craftsvilla aims to build a global ecommerce platform to take Indian offerings to not only within India.
  • But also abroad and to that, the company now ships its products to the Middle East and Australia.

11. Himalaya Products

Indian Brands
  • It couldn’t have been easy for a toiletries and cosmetics Indian brands from India
  • Secondly,To compete amongst the likes of multinationals like Unilever and P&G.
  • But Himalaya created a niche where none existed.
  • Leveraging the power of Indian Ayurveda established itself a major FMCG brand.
  • Today the company has products across body, skin and healthcare
  • It’s stocked in supermarkets in some of the most advanced countries in the world.
  • Including the US, UK and Israel.

12. Saravanaa Bhavan

Indian Brands
  • While the US-born Starbucks and Mcdonald’s of the world.
  • Have expanded across the world creating cult franchises.
  • Hardly any Indian equivalents can claim that honour.
  • But there’s one that comes close.
  • The humble Saravanaa Bhavan, a south Indian food joint with its origins in Chennai now.
  • Has outlets all over the world to cater to indians as well as South Indian food loving foreigners abroad.
  • Wikipedia describes the chain as one of the largest vegetarian restaurant chains in India.

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